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Playing the 80’s, 90’s and more Alternative and Rock Hits!

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About the Band

With strong vocals, guitars, slammin' drums and a killer bass groove, Stinkeye plays your fave 80's, 90's and modern dance rock hits!
  • Guitar
  • Years playing: over 25
  • Former bands: Hitmen, Evil Twin, Steppenstone, NitroFische and Missing Eye
  • Gear: Mesa amps, Gibson KS-336Orange, Bogner, Vox amps. Gibson CS-336 and Les Pauls and too many pedals.
  • 808.722.9979
  • Bass Guitar
  • Years playing: over 25
  • Former bands: X-Chaser, Optimum Fury, 40/Over, NitroFiche, A.M.P., Eden, Sunn Heads, Eden, Carvin
  • Gear: Genz Benz cabs, Fender, Spector, Larravee basses.
  • 808.953.0758

Kevin Rost

  • Drums
  • Years playing: over 30
  • Former bands: Elevin, Twitch, Steppenstone, Technical Difficulty
  • Gear: DW drums, Roland TD10V Custom, Yamaha, Tama, Gibralter hardware and Zildijian cymbals.
  • 808.255.6276

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